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Additional Services

ATM: There are nearly 30,000 ATM locations nationwide that are free of charge to Southern Credit Union Members, just look for the CO-OP logo. To find a CO-OP location, click the CO-OP locator link under 'Tools and Benefits'. You can also download the free app on your smartphone by searching 'co-op network' in your app store.

Counseling: Confidential budget counseling is available by appointment in the Chattanooga office. E-mail us and we will schedule an appointment. A budget blueprint is available upon request.

Direct Deposit: Direct deposit is a quick way to have your funds available without making a special trip to the credit union. Have your net check directly deposited into your checking account. You can instruct us to set up allocations to other accounts from your checking. Direct deposit gives you FREE Checking! Debit Cards are available too. Complete a direct deposit form. This completed form, along with a voided check, will need to be turned in to your payroll department or employer.

Money Orders: May be purchased at either credit union location. Money Orders are available for amounts up to $999.99. Cost is $1 per money order.

Night Drop:  Both of our locations have a night drop available. Deposits will be posted to your account the morning of the following business day.  Be sure to include your name, account number and specific instructions for depositing the money or making payments on your behalf.

Notary Service: A Notary Republic is available at each credit union location. Service is provided at no charge to members.

Payroll Deduction: Reduce the hassles of running around! Payroll deduction is a way to have a portion of your paycheck delivered to your accounts. You can have savings and loan payments directly made without having to hold the money in your hands. We will contact your payroll office and establish the direct deposit on your behalf.

Presentations: On occasion, we are invited to speak to school groups, church groups, and community organizations on a variety of topics such as:

-Wise Use of Credit
-Family Dynamics and Money
-What's A Credit Union?

Tours are available in the Chattanooga office for scout groups by appointment only. We believe in our youth and are committed to helping them become savvy consumers.

Southern Express Automated Teller Service:  1-866-255-4189

By using the automated teller, you can check your account balances, see what transactions have cleared your account, make withdrawals or transfers, make a loan payment, and even change your PIN #. If you have questions or need information about Southern Express Automated Teller Service, call the Chattanooga office at (423) 629-2578 or 1-800-305-5579.