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PC Branch & Bill Pay

Our online PC Branch makes financial sense. It provides you with live data, instant information about your accounts, you can work on-line at your convenience, AND this service is provided at no charge! We take special effort to make every assurance your account is safe and secure. You must have an access (PIN) number and active accounts to access this service.

Bill Pay:
If you have a share draft checking account, now is the time to enroll in Bill Pay! It's easy and saves you money!

  1. A call center and live chat available the first 90 days
  2. Receive an estimated arrival time when you schedule the payment
  3. Expedite overnight paper checks via UPS
  4. Monitor paper check delivery through USPS and expedited checks through UPS
  5. Make transfers to other financial institutions
  6. Send gift checks

All of your payees will carry over to the new system as well as any scheduled payments and up to 18 months of payment history. Please review notices on the website and front page of the PC Branch for details. You must have a checking account to use bill pay.


- Up to 10 checks per month. Eleven or more are .39 cents each

- Free service with direct deposit, $3.95 a month without direct deposit

- On-line tutorial to learn how to use service

- Convenience and speed

How does it work?

Register on-line. We will email you backconfirmation and a password. Enter your merchant information and save it as a recurring entry. Schedule your payment and send it. The next time you need to make a payment, just click and send! It's that easy!

Allow 7 to 10 days for the payment to process. Bill-Pay checks generally clear quickly. For the initial checks, allow 10 business days. Funds must be in your account to clear the checks or they will be returned NSF.

Have additional questions, call us, 1-800-305-5579.