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Board & Management
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Board & Management

The credit union is lead by a volunteer board of directors. Each director is elected at the annual meeting. They attend monthly meetings and set goals and policy.

Board Of Directors:
Stephen L. Evans Chairman
Danny Holmes Vice Chair
Veronica Peebles Secretary/Treasurer 
Grady L. Hicks Director
Floyd L. Mathis Director
Clifford Lowerance Director
Joan Murphey-Cope Director
Veronica Peebles Director
Greg O'Neal Director
Mike Stacks Director

The Supervisory Committee works to review procedures and policy. They work closely with the independent C.P.A. firm to assure compliance with generally accepted accounting procedures (GAAP).

Supervisory Committee:
Grady L. Hicks  Member
Clifford Lowerance Member
Theodore Jackson Member
Floyd L. Mathis Member
Donna Cunningham Member

The management & staff work closely with the members and directors. Should you have questions regarding operations and policies, contact us.

Cindy Beale General Manager
Charlie Young Operations Manager